Hip injuries and treatment

Don’t let your hip injury inhibit your life any longer. Contact Dr. Innes to get back to the life you love.

Common injuries

Arthritis of the hip
Hamstring/muscle injuries
Don’t see your injury listed? Only the most common injuries are listed here – please give us a call to discuss your specific condition.

Dr. Innes offers minimally invasive, Innovative treatments for common Hip injuries

Is hip pain limiting your daily activities and impeding your ability to walk or even rest comfortably? Dr. Innes is highly experienced in utilizing leading-edge technology for hip diagnosis and repair for a variety of hip conditions, including both surgical and non surgical treatment options.


Hip joint pain is often the result of trauma, complications from a medical condition, or general wear and tear. Arthritis of the hip, busitis, and hamstring/muscle injuries are just a few of the hip conditions regularly treated by Dr. Innes— often with the goal of avoiding surgery.

If you are experiencing hip pain, take a step towards pain-free living and call the office. Dr. Innes will provide a full evaluation and explain all of the treatment options available to you – including outpatient treatment options. Generally, he will only consider surgery after all conservative options have been exhausted or deemed ineffective for your circumstance.

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