Hand and wrist injuries and treatment

Are you experiencing hand and wrist pain? Contact Dr. Innes to rediscover your health.

Common injuries

Arthritis of the hand & arthritis of the wrist
Dupuytren’s contracture
Carpal tunnel syndrome
Trigger finger
Hand fractures & wrist fractures
Arthritis of the thumb
Distal radius fracture
Tennis elbow
Nerve compression syndromes
Elbow fracture
Elbow arthritis
Don’t see your injury listed? Only the most common injuries are listed here – please give us a call to discuss your specific condition.

Dr. Innes provides relief for those suffering from hand and wrist pain due to injury or disease

Hand and wrist pain can have a tremendous impact on your daily life. If you are suffering from hand or wrist pain, Dr. Innes has extensive experience performing everything from non surgical hand and wrist treatments to joint fusion to reduce pain, improve function, and get you back to doing the things you love.


Dr. Innes offers a variety of orthopedic hand and wrist treatments that Alaskans can rely upon to improve their quality of life. Whether you require carpal tunnel release, joint fusion, or direct-to-joint injections, count on Dr. Innes to provide the highest standard of hand and wrist care on the Peninsula.

Dr. Innes uses the latest advancements in diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation to treat hand and upper extremity injuries and conditions. He has successfully treated hundreds of Alaskans with hand and wrist injuries, giving them back the pain-free use and function that they had lost.

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